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DJ Gabri a.k.a G.I.
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Alexander Konstantoulas

ALEXANDER KONSTANTOULAS a singer / vocalist who works a lot in Sweden, but also a lot in Europe with housemusic, He works with some of the biggest names in the business , and he is quickly making a name in his work . 


Alexander has released a series of house music with various deejays and his Music has played from many big names as DJ Chuckie, Micha Moor, Mark Simmons etc.


2010, he and Dj nico played on one of the biggest house festival in Europe "Zurich Street Parade "including Eric Prydz, Fedde la Grand, Tiesto, David Guetta and others who played during the festival.

Merit list for Alexander goes on in such a short time and he has been and singing for Hed Kandi in Sweden and been warm-up vockalist / mc for AfroJack, Eddie thorneik, Milk and Sugar, Dj antoine, Sir colin, Tara McDonald etc. 


He have also been in a number of big clubs in Sweden and around europe as Stadshuset Sundsvall, Sliver / Harrys Karlskrona, Nöjesfabriken Karlstad, Blue Moon Bar Stockholm, Ambassadure Stockholm, Nivå Gothenburg, TC Umeå , Emilogsamuel Oslo, 360club Istanbul, Club titanic Germany etc.


What makes Alexander unique when it comes to house music in addition to his songwriting and lyrics is that he knows how to use his voice and have the right feeling for the international housemusic, this he has gained by playing around Europe with different deejays and audience, And his energy on stage that strikes most people and he always invites the audience into the show and are not afraid to take a dance with the audience and let them become a part of the evening to make it memorable


Alexander broke through the first time on TV on the Swedish idol in 2007 but fell at the finish line, in 2008 he was back and went out of the contest with a record deal and an incredible support from the Swedish people, 


Since then Alexander has worked very hard with the music to keep the flame a lifeFocus this year is to continue his partnership with the duo Houseshaker from Germany and go hard on the project Dirty house guys with Martin hygard and the sponsor freixenet 


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Michael Kutalek

DJ, Produzent und Remixer Michael Kutalek Der oesterreichische DJ, Produzent und Remixer Michael Kutalek begann in den neunziger Jahren, in seiner Heimatstadt Wien die Decks zu rocken. 

Nach ein paar Jahren spielte er bereits fast ueberall in Oesterreich und Deutschland und bald darauf in ganz Europa.
2002 uebersiedelte er nach Brasilien. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt begann die Electronic Music - Szene in Brasilien rasant zu wachsen und mit ihr auch Michael Kutaleks Erfolg als DJ. Er spielt fuer die groessten und bekanntesten labels wie Ministry Of Sound, Hed Kandi oder SPACE Ibiza und spielt seit Jahren in den besten Clubs in ganz Brasilien. Angesagte Clubs, wie z.B.: PACHA – Buzios (Rio de Janeiro) buchen Ihn mindestens einmal pro Monat. Jedes seiner Sets ist anders als das Set zuvor und er sorgt für volle Hallen und beste Stimmung wo immer er gebucht ist.

Michael Kutalek kommt jedes Jahr nach Oesterreich und tourt mindestens 3 Monate durch ganz Europa.

Michael hat zwei shows pro Monat auf und

2011 gruendeten er und Klaus Biedermann, ebenfalls aus Oesterreich/Wien, das Projekt „Kutalek & Biedermann“. Sie veroeffentlichten breits AMLoop – Caminhando (Kutalek&Biedermann Remix/Ministry Of Sound) und Plastik Funk – Saxo (Kutalek&Biedermann Remix/Tiger Records). Im Moment arbeiten sie an Projekten mit Stars wie Chris Montana, Markus Binapfl oder D.O.N.S... Es wird also schon sehr bald Neuigkeiten von DJ Michael Kutalek

Austrian DJ, Producer and Remixer Michael Kutalek started to spin in his hometown Vienna in the nineties. After a couple of years he already played almost everywhere in Austria and Germany and very soon all over Europe
In 2002 he moved to Brazil. At that time electronic music in Brazil started to grow very fast and and so did Michael Kutaleks popularity.
He plays for the biggest labels like Ministry Of Sound, Hed Kandi or SPACE Ibiza and he is performing at the best clubs all over Brasil. Clubs like PACHA-Buzios (Rio de Janeiro) book him at least once a month. Each set including house, progressive house and tech house is different from the last and he rocks the crowd wherever he plays.
Michael Kutalek comes back to Europe every year “on tour” for at least 3 months.

Michael has 2 shows each month on and

In 2011 he and Klaus Biedermann, from Austria/Vienna too, created the project “Kutalek&Biedermann”. They already released AMLoop – Caminhando (Kutalek&Biedermann Remix/Ministry Of Sound) and Plastik Funk – Saxo (Kutalek&Biedermann Remix/Tiger Records). Right now they are working on projects with huge names like Chris Montana, Markus Binapfl or D.O.N.S . News will be out very soon….


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